Amazing Gift the Dog Lover or Doggie on your list!!!!! Full bathing line from Paw Clean. You will get the ultra hot item Canine Footbath, Cushioned Kneeling pad, Cushioned Bath Mat, Hair Catcher to protect Drain, a Scrubby Mitt, and a Gigantic Microfiber Towel.

Over $80 worth of gear for $60! Buy before 12/20 (to ensure delivery by xmass) and use checkout code “HolidayPaw” and get an additional 15% off!!! That would be a 36% discount overall with the code!! The 15% discount also applies if you just want to purchase the Canine Footbath.

Please forward to all the Doggie Aficionados. This ensemble makes the home bathing experience so much more pleasant for everyone involved.

Also, We give a portion of our profits to dog rescue orgs, like www.NewBeginningsDogRescue.com where we got our pooch Beckett. They are awesome if you are looking for a dog nonprofit to support this holiday!

This is a great deal!! Check it out!!
Dog bathing


overheated dog
Dr. Paul Gallagher in Roanoke, VA shares tips to prevent and care for a hot dog.

Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Vet” discusses the benefits of getting the salt off your dog’s paws in the Winter.
Paw Clean
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Tails Media Group has selected Paw Clean as the Product of the Week!
This makes our tails wag!!

Tails a waggin!

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Paw Clean met some great people at the IHA in Chicago!

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