Spring is Near

The impatient crocus stick their orange and yellow heads out the mulch, taking risks like young bulbs do. The tulips know better and have been faked out by Mother Nature before.

All dog owners know that spring is near, because canine paws are magnets for the mud. This is the annual purgatory, after the ground thaws and before the grass takes root.

from the dog park yesterday

Photo from the dog park yesterday


Win a Free Paw Clean!

The good folks at thefoodbowl.com are giving away some goodies including a Paw Clean Canine Footbath to their readers. Enter to win!unit_towel You have until 5:00p.m. PST on the 29th of January.

bogpoAfter escaping from his tethers at last Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Clifford who was high on 2,300 cubic feet of helium at the time has been spotted. Well actually they just found some evidence that he was nearby.

Actually the “art piece” did get caught up in a wind where it floated to what sounds like a kindergarten.

Spoiler Alert– If you haven’t seen Marley and Me and you want to, it’d probably be in your best interest to read this later.

Not that I really had to say that, how do all dog movies end?

In the pantheon of solid dog flicks: Where the Red Fern Grows, Ol’ Yeller, My Dog Skip… Marley and Me takes the prize for being the most dehydrating.

The Enemies of the Forest

The Enemies of the Forest

Right this minute there are vast swaths of virgin rain forest being felled to keep up with the demand for Kleenexes in American Movie Theaters. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston should be ashamed of themselves.

Usually not cowed by such simple stabs at my cerebral cortex, I got easily and willingly wrapped up in this film because of the similarities to our lives. Like many newly married couples we got a dog, and have found it incredibly informative on the ways to raise children and our dynamic together as parents. Maybe I got invested because I’m a writer, and a father of one w/ one on the way.

But, I think we mostly got all hornswoggled up in the film, because our dog Beckett is alot like Marley. Yes they both have somewhat negligent owners, who could use behavior modification to give their dogs a better life, but I digress. Beckett like Marley is just a little bit wild, its not an evil wild, it’s a happy wild, a part of his character that is frustrating but also intoxicating to be around. That spirit that we wouldn’t trade for all the obedience in the world.

After sobbing, and shaking and bawling, (you know the bawling where your chin get’s all crinkled up), I was really sad and at the same time relieved. I mourned for all the dogs in my past, Reagan, Pepper, Bailey, but I celebrated Beckett’s youthful vigor. Opening the emotional floodgates is cathartic.

Ever since I have left the theater, I’ve been so ultra aware of Beckett and the joy he brings our family. Gotta run, he’s got an big wooden puzzle piece in his mouth.